Katrina-Related Oral History Projects

Katrina-Related Oral History Projects

After Katrina Newswire
A journalism project of the School of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi designed to provide student journalists with an opportunity to contribute important stories to the collective coverage of the regionís recovery from the ravages of Katrina.

Alive in Truth: The New Orleans Disaster Oral History & Memory Project
Alive In Truth records life histories of people from New Orleans, Louisiana and nearby areas who were affected by hurricane Katrina. Their mission is to document individual lives, restore community bonds, and to uphold the voices, culture, rights, and history of New Orleanians.

Archived Oral Histories
Harvard Medical School, Department of Healthcare Policy, Hurricane Katrina Community Advisory Group

Delgado Community College: English as a Second Language
Part of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, more than 100 different nations are represented in Delgado's ESL program, which is the largest one in Louisiana. The students' experiences in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina offer insight into the international reaction to the flooding and subsequent problems.

The Great Deluge Oral History Project
The Historic New Orleans Collection is collecting personal stories, photographs, videos, or storm-related ephemera related to Hurricane Katrina's effect on New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina Project
Interviews with Katrina survivors in Las Vegas conducted by the Oral History Research Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

I-10 Witness Project
The I-10 Witness Project is a community based story collective in partnership with Xavier University's Department of Communications, formed to document the myriad tales emerging from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Comprised of Louisiana artists, educators and community organizers, I-10 Witness seeks to give voice to affected Louisiana citizens by documenting their stories through sound and video.

The Katrina Experience
An oral history project by Stacy Parker Aab.

Katrina's Jewish Voices
The Jewish Womenís Archive organized Katrinaís Jewish Voices in collaboration with the Center for History and New Media. Through the contributions of individuals and organizations nationwide, the project is creating a virtual archive of stories, images, and reflections about the New Orleans and Gulf Coast Jewish communities before and after Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina Stories
This collection contains materials related to the play entitled, "Katrina Stories," written by and about the experiences of Tulane Law School students during and after Hurricane Katrina (part of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank).

The Katrina-Rita Oral History Project
The National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness (NPACH) conducted interviews with the support and assistance of the Congressional Hunger Center and the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program in order to gain a deeper understanding of the difficult challenges facing those who have been forced to abandon their homes due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

MGCCC Student Katrina Project
This collection comprises 145 oral history interview transcripts, 142 photographs, and 114 photographic essays and narratives contributed by Instructor Dr. Buck T. Foster and his history students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, Mississippi (part of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank).

Mississippi Oral History Project
A statewide initiative funded by the Mississippi Legislature to record Mississippians talking about their experiences - family life, work, politics, churches, community, the daily grind, and extraordinary events - in their own words and styles.

Narrating Hurricane Katrina Through Oral History
Part of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, the Albert Gore, Sr, Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University, pursued an initiative to document the experiences of as many Katrina evacuees and first responders living in Middle Tennessee as possible through the medium of oral history.

National Hansen's Disease Museum: Photographs, Oral Histories, and Video Taken after Hurricane Katrina
Part of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank.

Ninth Ward Katrina Stories
New Orleans Ninth Ward Underground Katrina Oral History Project by New York Night Train

Religious Responses to Katrina & Rita
A Loyola University of New Orleans oral history project.

Stuck and Suicidal in a Post-Katrina Trailer Park
NPR audio, photos, and story by Alix Spiegel

Through Hell and High Water
An article by Mark Cave in Archival Outlook

U.S. Coast Guard Oral History Program
Katrina Archival and Historical Record Team (KART): Oral histories of Coast Guardsmen who participated in the Hurricane Katrina rescue and relief operations.

Voices of Katrina
An article by Stephen Sloan in Mississippi History Now: An Online Publication of the Mississippi Historical Society

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