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My trip to Nunavut, Canada, August 2010: page 2, outside Iqaluit

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Walk to the neighboring settlement of Apex
A few miles down the coast from Iqaluit

Frobisher Bay
Frobisher Bay, from the trail to Apex

Inuksuk marking the trail
Apex: makes Iqaluit look like the big city
Nanook School
Nanook School. "Guess what, kids? We're moving to Apex, Nunavut!" Actually, the 1922 movie "Nanook of the North" is quite acclaimed. From Netflix: "In what's considered the first documentary ever made, director Robert Flaherty's landmark film grippingly chronicles the often-brutal relationship between humans and nature's unforgiving elements. Over the course of a year, the movie's subjects -- Inuit Nanook and his family -- must hunt, fish and build an igloo to survive in the pristine but inhospitable environs of Canada's frigid Hudson Bay region."
Hudson's Bay Co. Hudson's Bay Co.
Hudson's Bay Co. The Hudson's Bay Company established fur trading stores throughout what is now Nunavut in the early 1900s. The remains of this store complex was established in Apex in 1949, when Iqaluit barely existed. I can't even imagine the life of the Hudson's Bay employee who was posted in places like this. To the left is the view as you're watching the last boat leaving in October. You'll see the next boat from home around April. "Wait! I've changed my mind! I'll take that clerking job back in Winnipeg after all!"
Flight from Iqaluit to Baker Lake
(via Cape Dorset, Coral Harbor, Chesterfield Inlet, and Rankin Inlet)

Plane to Rankin Inlet

Baffin Island
Baffin Island landscape
I may be wrong, but I think what we're looking at in this picture is an island inside a lake inside an island inside a lake inside Baffin Island.
Coral Harbor
"Coral Harbor," on Southampton Island. Sounds kind of Caribbean, doesn't it? In fact, it refers to ancient coral fossils found near here. More of an arctic gravel mine ambience today. I was a little disappointed.

Coral Harbor airport
Coral Harbor airport. I've got to admit, Coral Harbor, NU, is one of the few places in the world where I've thought "if I don't give up my evil ways, some day I will die and end up for eternity in Coral Harbor, NU."
Coral Harbor airport
Inside Coral Harbor airport
fellow passenger
Fellow passenger

felllow passenger
Fellow passenger's sister

Fellow passengers' mother, boarding in Coral Harbor.
Cape Dorset
Cape Dorset. "We're not much, but least we're not Coral Harbor."

Cape Dorset airport
Cape Dorset airport

gravel runway
Gravel runway: Cape Dorset airport. Actually, there are only two paved runways in Nunavut.
sea ice
Sea ice. Yes, in the rest of the world it is August.
Chesterfield Inlet airport
Chesterfield Inlet airport
Chesterfield Inlet
Chesterfield Inlet
mainland landscape mainland landscape
Above & left: mainland landscape, near coast
Rankin Inlet airport
Rankin Inlet (the other paved runway besides Iqaluit)

polar bear warning
Scream, I guess? Warning in Rankin airport.

Cheaper plane takes us to Baker Lake.
Takeoff in less-than-ideal conditions from Rankin Inlet.

Mainland landscape

Mainland landscape
Mainland landscape, left, above, and below. Around 200 miles from coast to Baker Lake.

passenger landscape
baker lake from air
Baker Lake from the air. Note barge, shipping goods up the Thelon River from the coast, some 200 miles away.
Baker Lake from air
Baker Lake from the air in 1946. Lindbergh actually landed here around then, en route to Alaska.
Baker Lake landing
Coming into for a landing: Baker Lake airport. The community wants a new airport: one that's paved & can handle jets... and maybe doesn't end in the lake.
Baker Lake terminal
Baker Lake terminal.

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