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Opportunities & Challenges of Moss Point, Mississippi

Spring 2008 semester, the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College Geography 101 class focused on development opportunities and challenges facing the City of Moss Point, Mississippi. Moss Point is a low-income, predominantly African-American community north of Pascagoula, which continues its recovery from factory closings and the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina. The spirit of Moss Point continues strong, though, with a great musical tradition, neighborhood identities, and potential for ecotourism based on its location on the Pascagoula and Escatawpa Rivers.

Students in this class \worked very hard on interview research projects, and each team of students has produced their own original 15-minute documentary on their topic. As they all will tell you, this class was a lot of work! But, they are all producing something that will be useful not only to their learning experience but to the Moss Point community.

Charles Fairley, Jr.: Moss Point jazz hero, by Kristen Hughes and Stephanie Abby

Hurricane Katrina hits Moss Point, by Melanie Fowler and Ruth Poe

Building small businesses in Moss Point, by Kyndal Owens and Lauren White

The soul of Moss Point: the MPHS band, by Nikki Beech and Carrie Hofmann

The Kreole neighborhood of Moss Point, by Marauo Davis, Aaron Mansfield, and Jade Reed-Kreis

Moss Point’s young people speak out, by Robert Bateman and Joshua Wainwright