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Dave with R.E.M. "They're ok, I guess," he says.


Inside this special issue:
· Info on Davies' courses posted to web: A devilish conspiracy?
· Davies' book, The Press & Race, published. So is his doctoral dissertation. Evil forces at work?
· Inside: Shocking pictures of Davies' family and friends and his recent graduation. Have academic standards declined this far?
· How do we know that David R. Davies is really the David R. Davies? Our correspondents demonstrate the shocking overabundance of this alarmingly alliterative sobriquet.
· Davies' vita shock World Wide Web readers.
· "Mystery band" releases song in Realaudio format.
· Famed "Elvis version" of this page.
· Equally famed (defamed?) "Princess Di version" of this page.
· I'm on Twitter! Follow me at @David_R_Davies.


 Dave with washed-up bandmates The Beatles.

Dave proves he's the "real" Clarence Clemons.

Dave with former bandmates, top,
and with Bruce in song "Born to Pun."

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Famed "Elvis" version of this page

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