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Dave's Dissertation

These are chapters from my dissertation, completed in March 1997 at the University of Alabama. The title of the dissertation is An Industry in Transition: Major Trends in American Daily Newspapers, 1945-1965. My major professor for this project was Wm. David Sloan. So far, I've uploaded the following chapters, including footnotes.

The Chicago style citation for the dissertation is as follows:

David R. Davies, "An Industry in Transition: Major Trends in American Daily Newspapers, 1945-1965," (PhD diss., University of Alabama, 1997).

Chapter 1--Introduction

Chapter 2--Business trends in the postwar press, 1945-1949

Chapter 3--Improvement and Responsibility: The Rise of Press Responsibility, 1945-1949

Chapter 4--Government, the Cold War, and Newspapers, 1950-1954

Chapter 5--The Press and Television, 1948-1960

Chapter 6--Newspapers and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1957

Chapter 7--The Seeds of Long-term Change: Newspaper Trends, 1950-1963

Chapter 8--Kennedy and the Press, 1960-1963

Chapter 9--An Industry in Transition: Daily Newspapers, 1960-1965

Chapter 10--Conclusion

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