AJHA Interest Groups

1. Early Americans:
The Early American Interest Group exists to spur interest and scholarship in the field of early American journalism history, as well as to serve as a communication vehicle for those who work in this area. To accomplish these goals, the group’s members meet each year at the organization’s convention, communicate throughout the year on matters of mutual concern, and organize panel presentations on early American topics for submission to the annual convention.

Contact: Pat Dooley, Wichita State University (email: pat.dooley@wichita.edu)

2. International: The International Interest Group exists to create awareness of the history of journalism beyond the borders of the United States and the impact that journalistic practices outside the United States has had on journalistic development within the country. Members will participate in creating panel discussions, great ideas sessions, seminars, publications and research in progress items for presentation to members either at AJHA meetings or through other traditional sources.

Contact: David Spencer, University of Western Ontario (email: dspencer@uwo.ca)

3. Women: The AJHA Women’s Research Interest Group provides networking and mentoring for those e doing work in the importance of women to the historical development of the media in America. The group also works to promote awareness of women’s various roles in media; for example, it supports the Donna Allen Luncheon held annually at the AJHA convention and named in recognition of Dr. Allen’s contributions to women and the media.

Contact: Ann Colbert, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (email: colbert@ipfw.edu)

4. Racial and Ethnic Media: The Racial and Ethnic Media Interest Group exists to promote the study of racial and ethnic media and the role their practitioners have played in the development of mass media in the United States.

Contact: Aleen Ratzlaff, Tabor College (email: aleenr@tabor.edu)

5. Senior Scholars: The Senior Scholars Interest Group exists to encourage long-time AJHA members to mentor younger members. The group will also work to involve retired and independent scholars in AJHA activities and to facilitate discussion of major research issues and changing historiography in the field.

Contact: Wally Eberhard, Athens, Georgia (email: wbe1955@aol.com); Maurine Beasley, University of Maryland (email: mbeasley@jmail.umd.edu)