Alan M. Shiller

Professor; Phone: 228-688-1178; FAX: 228-688-1121; E-mail:; Campus Mail: SS Box 10002

Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi, 1020 Balch Blvd., Stennis Space Center, MS 39529 USA

I'm an aqueous geochemist at the University of Southern Mississippi's Department of Marine Science. My office and lab are located at the Stennis Space Center which is about 75 miles south of the main USM Hattiesburg campus. Work in my lab goes on in all sorts of environments ranging from alpine rivers to estuaries to coastal sediments to the open ocean. We're looking at dissolved trace metals, colloidal particles, nutrients, and hydrogen peroxide. In the sections below you'll find more information about me and the work I do.

Research Interests and Current Projects

                Trace Elements in Rivers

                Yukon River Project Pictures

                Trace Elements in Seawater

Resume (including publications list)

Personal notes

Seminar course

Marine Chemistry course

Cover of Geophysical Research Letters, June 15, 1997 with figure from: Shiller, A.M., Manganese in surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Geophysical Research Letters 24 [1997] 1495-1498.

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