HISTORY 351 US Military History

Lsn 1 Intro
Lsn 2 Military Theory
Lsn 3 Military Theory (cont)
Lsn 4 US Military Doctrine
Lsn 5 US Military as an American Institution and Organization of the the US Military
Lsn 6 Mexican War and Introduction to the Civil War
Lsn 7 Peninsula Campaign through Antietam
Lsn 8 Vicksburg
Lsn 9 Chancellorsville and Gettysburg
Lsn 10 Grant's Grand Strategy
Lsn 11 Exam
Lsn 12 Writing Workshop
Lsn 13 Writing Workshop (cont)
Lsn 14 The Interwar Military
Lsn 15 World War I
Lsn 16 Intro to World War II
Lsn 17 World War II: North Africa and Italy
Lsn 18 World War II: Normandy
Lsn 19 World War II: Pacific and Beginnings of Cold War
Lsn 20 Early Cold War and Korea: Pusan and Inchon
Lsn 21 End of the Korean War and Cuba
Lsn 22 Vietnam: Origins and Pacification
Lsn 23 Vietnam: The Big War and the Vietnam Syndrome
Lsn 24 Exam
Lsn 25 Operation Desert Storm
Lsn 26 SASO
Lsn 27 Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terror
Lsn 28 Final Exam Review
Lsn 29


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